Start-Up: Finding your purpose instead of a 9 to 5

How to bring your ideas to life and what the start-up Vyfster had to learn in the first year, read here.



Serval studies show that the number of innovators and digital founders continues to increase by more than 30 percent. The interest in the dynamic start-up scene is getting bigger and bigger. Often the founders themselves inspire others with their enormous motivation. At the same time, most founders work more than 50 hours a week. Why take this challenge? Maximilian, the founder of Vyfster takes the energy out of the work itself. Carrying out his own ideas to the world and to do what motivates him to make a difference.

Vyfster believes in a world of effective relationships. Only a balanced relation between companies’ stakeholders satisfaction drives us forward and carries out performance to a new level.”

As a start-up, the daily business is about improvement every day. Inspired by the too often perceived lack of service orientation and the critical questioning of why these conditions appear, Vyfster wants to convey a simple approach to bring transparency to the external impact of companies. This applies equally to customers and employees. The intelligent software Vyfster emerged from this pivotal point. The company thus closes a gap between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, which the current market has hardly ever used.

As good as the idea is at the beginning, there are once again challenges in the growth of the platform. Companies often see threatening insights when measuring feedback data. Transparency promotes honesty – and they first have to be able to handle it as a company. Influenced by this experience, companies must be strengthened in their courage not to hide behind the usual. Markets, demands and needs are changing faster than ever before. Future success will be decided on how quickly respond to these changes. By and large, it’s the moments that drive each company forward and show that young start-ups in particular are ready to reaffirm changes in companies.

Founding means leaving your comfort zone, having the courage to make mistakes and change things. The most essential quality of a founder could be curiosity in this context. Therefore, it is Vyfster mission to transfer this curiosity to its customers and show how much can be achieved by small adjustments in daily processes.