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Starting your own fan base!

How to turn customers into your fan base within qualified feedback, motivate employees and optimize processes to increase sales at the same time, read here.

Start-Up: Finding your purpose instead of a 9 to 5

How to bring your ideas to life and what the start-up Vyfster had to learn in the first year, read here.

Individualism as a core competence

According to the book vs. Individualism – What counts for companies in the future.

Office Stories No.1: No more frustration at work

How often you are asked for your opinion at work and how honest are your answers?

Soft Data Analytics: Key to success

What you can learn from 360-degree reviews and why data correlation will become your strongest weapon in the future.

An inseparable couple

Happy employees have a lasting impact on your customers – which is why you should measure their satisfaction in real time data.