Office Stories No.1: No more frustration at work

„Can I?“ – Freedom of expression at work, yes or no?

How often you are asked for your opinion at work and how honest are your answers? Whether it is the colleague’s new project or company restructuring, employees often accept that the decisions are already made. Out of politeness or fear, they draw upon themselves with the opinion of the colleague or supervisor. Did you actually know that 50 percent of employees have no opportunity to communicate their free opinion?

Can an opinion only exist in the sense that everyone likes it? Causing trouble worries many employees. Worries, that pose a high risk to companies, because people who have no freedom of expression are increasingly thinking about a job change. Furthermore, some internet portals successfully adopted dissatisfied employees by offering a platform to give a vent to public business valuations. Good for the dissatisfied employees, bad for companies.

There are no fixed rules, because areas of interest, needs and feelings are as individual as every employee and supervisor themselves. Freedom of expression and the right to privacy are guaranteed rights. What does the medium look like in which workers and chiefs communicate in the future without an expressed opinion stir up trouble?

With our anonymous feedback tool, Vyfster creates a neutral base for employees to communicate their free opinion. In this context, anonymity reduces the inhibition threshold on the part of employees to express their opinion on company-relevant content. Vyfster protects their privacy and enables its users to communicate their free opinion anonymously to provide an open corporate communication. Therefore, the needs of the employees can be heard and implemented. The result: an open working environment that has proven to reduce employee turnover by up to 20 percent. On top, the relationship of trust between employees and supervisors is strengthened + commitment and creativity within the company are promoted.