Starting your own fan base!

How to turn customers into your fan base within qualified feedback, motivate employees and optimize processes to increase sales at the same time, read here.


Customer demands have risen rapidly in recent years. Looking for the best product, many customers rely on price comparison sites, use online reviews and social media as first source of information. Companies have realized long ago: enthusiastic customers increase the business success and become your own fan base. The opinion of the customer as important as never before.

The new feedback culture

Several studies show that nine out of ten customers use a portal before being bought and are influenced by reviews – more than advertisement itself. In particular, in direct comparison with competing products, this relies on information from reviews. In 20 percent of the time business relationships also end with a change to competition after a bad customer experience. This is exactly where Vyfster comes in: it is essential for future business success to know what the customer thinks about your business relationship – before it´s reflected in public reviews.

Holistic feedback

Integrate feedback into your processes to understand the needs of your customers. How? Generate qualitative feedback directly on site. Namely, where the customer encounters the company. A variety of digital touch points are placed along the customer´s journey. Submitted feedbacks are sent to you in real time. So-called attention-feedbacks guarantee the immediate processing of critical feedbacks. Vyfsters’s key to success: an immediate response to the customer. Identify needs, respond immediately and win a fan.

At the same time, you can increase their employee motivation through customer perspectives. Employees are included into the measurement of customer satisfaction as the most important success factor. If the customer raises a problem, he or she will reach the responsible employee and wouldn’t pass on to a third party. The principle: problem solving at the origin. Your customers feel recognized and taken seriously. A holistic feedback system strengthens the customer communication and enables entrepreneurial development and innovation.

A good Service or product can’t be optimized? Not correct. Companies can even learn something from satisfied customers. Because often the reasons for a purchase decision are different than companies expect. If customers like a product or service, companies are able to derive and expand their strengths out of this. This realization brings a huge knowledge advantage. Through this, companies can retain their customer’s loyalty and are always one-step ahead of the competition.