Our broad experience puts you ahead.

Due to Vyfster´s intelligent data correlation you will be able to analyze existing corporate
structures, detecting future trends and adapt the economic course of action to operate as
efficiently as possible.

Flexible use of digital touch points.

Vyfster´s holistic approach enables you to a flexible use of digital touch points. You can
lodge as many surveys as you want and receive interesting insights from your stakeholder.

Open communication structure.

Vyfster protects your privacy and enables its users to communicate their free opinion
anonymously to provide an open communication within the company. Work closer with
your team and increase the satisfaction, motivation and productivity.

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Attention feedback

The automated reminder function on Vyfster´s intelligent platform provides information to
you about critical feedbacks within seconds. Be able to directly respond to criticism,
strengthen your complaint management or reduce employee dissatisfaction.

Your design. Our software.

Create your individual feedback – Vyfster supplies the necessary marketing material drafts
as well as digital touch points in your corporate design.


Reduce complex IT structures.

No desire for costly maintenance or complex IT structures? Vyfster handles the
implementation as well as updates easily and delivers a smooth software solution for your
company. You can query your data at any place and time via PC, tablet or smartphone.