Feedback: customer and employee satisfaction, an inseparable couple

Why customer and employee satisfaction are two inseparable components for a perfect corporate culture, and how you can measure them through qualitative feedback, read here.


Feedback, a key to success. Happy employees have a lasting impact on your customers – which is why you should measure their satisfaction in real time data:

It is not much of a secret that a high customer loyalty contributes to increased company success. Over the last few years, many companies have taken up the cause of increased customer satisfaction, resale rates, leverage cross-selling effects and trust the concept of recommendation. Every day, new and more expensive concepts for customer satisfaction are eagerly created. However, studies from various surveys show:

The more customer satisfaction programs exist, the less will be honestly answered and accepted. These measurement results show a misbalance between effort and success in order to create a higher customers satisfaction. There must have been something forgotten.

The sustainable approach behind this model requires more depth and an extensive analyzation. A high level of customer satisfaction can’t be reached by extraordinary budgets for customers loyalty programs, but due to highly motivated employees in the first place. Motivated and cheerful employees have a high identification with their job and are therefore ideal corporate ambassadors for every customer.

Reflect this idea for yourself. Take your favorite hotel or restaurant – these places aren’t visited for years because they are unbeatably lower in price than the completion – No, it is the outstanding service, the good atmosphere that makes you feel special. The nice lady at the reception, who knows your name, the employee at the bar, who invites you for a drink and make you felt welcome. Even if something goes wrong, it can be small details that quickly recreate the feeling of well-being. In this case: the employees.

People connect people. Due to this fact customer´s and employee´s needs are closely linked to each other and create an inseparable couple for Vyfster. The dynamic online platform offers feedback services for customers and employees. Satisfaction data is collected and analyzed by innovative algorithms, also including supplier´s satisfaction measurement if requested. QR Codes and webpage addresses can be placed on table stands, business cards, roll-up posters or tablet PC´s via these digital touch points are available to stakeholders 24/7 instantly. This reduces the risks for companies compared to an annual survey, which only offers a dangerous snapshot of the current situation.

Feedback, but please correct.

Vyfster enables its users to communicate their free opinion anonymously to reduce the complaint barrier as low as possible. The confidential data is clustered in a complex mathematical process to provide important information concerning the positiv aspects as well as the pain points of the company. The result: a permanent screening tracks daily changes. A high number of collected evaluations developed a more precise understanding of the current companies situation. The system automatically classifies the generated data and deliver an overview of the relevant key figures – in real time.

We are convinced that customers and employees represent the best management consultants you can ask for. With a high level of customer satisfaction and a low level of employee engagement, it is likely that the price of customer satisfaction was bought through expensive investment. Therefore, it is highly recommended to create a balance between those two values, so that a „natural customer satisfaction“is created. If the employee satisfaction is correlating to customer satisfaction, it is only a matter of time before the customer satisfaction goes down as well. Correcting this disparity will be expensive.

This is where the digital managed service of Vyfster Analytics provides the measurement of a “company´s stereophony”. Which means: individual companies always work differently in various markets. All their customers and employees want to be treated as individuals. Similar to a room where music sound waves are analyzed separately and develop an outstanding surround sound. Thanks to Vyfster, companies have the opportunity to measure and identify similarities between customer´s and employee´s satisfaction. The result: an ongoing satisfaction “wave” comparison for every stakeholder of your company.

Nowadays the digital age is characterized by vast dynamics. Quickly changing needs are no longer a rarity in present time, which leads to an urge to respond to them faster than ever. Additionally, the flexibility and response speed are increasingly slowing down in complex corporate structures. Therefore, it is important to maintain a harmonious interplay between all stakeholders of the company. Only if the companies take these aspects into consideration they can succeed in glutted and competitive markets.

Constantly requesting and evaluating customer´s and employee´s needs should be indispensable for leading company in close future.