Individualism as a core competence

According to the book vs. Individualism – What counts for companies in the future.

Individualism is different

Today the workspace is much more than just a work-to-rule. Employees spend a significant amount of their time in and for the company on a 40-hour workweek, which is approximately 1.680 hours per year. The workplace thus becomes the environment of the employee and shapes his personal attitude towards the company.

It isn’t uncommon for employees to consider the atmosphere, corporate image and employee offerings as particularly important. From companies that sponsor a fruit plate in employees’ kitchens, table football in the break room, to those who offer their employees special terms and conditions at cooperating brands – and even offer their own fitness studios. There are no limits to the ingenuity of the companies. How, as a company, react to the demands of (potential) employees and by what means can these be fulfilled?

Future goals

Speed in action and decision-making will be the main distinguishing feature in future. Additionally to this, empathy and assessment skills of the company-relevant stakeholders are also of equal value. Vyfster Analytics supports and promotes the imprints, skills and abilities of a company, as well as individual preferences of the people who make it successful. Companies are continuously in a position to determine the claims, to query the actual situation and to derive recommendations for action. The result is a dynamic corporate environment in which executives set the tone. This way, opportunities can be shared. Vyfster’s vision: Across industries to recognize, understand and use the potentials, talents and ambitions of employees and executives. That is how companies will be leaders in global competition.

Competence is the distinguishing feature of the future. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be an in-house gym that decides on the satisfaction of its employees or the attractiveness of the company as a potential employer. Rather, in future, it will be about bringing in all employee resources for the common business success; It is the employees themselves who bind themselves plus their customers and are willing to reconsider the familiar. The pursuit of individuality and optimization for optimal development.